SWIFT Codes for Banks in Israel

Israel Swift Code FAQs

What is a Swift Code, and why it it used in Israel?

A SWIFT code is a unique identification code used by banks internationally, including in Israel. It facilitates cross-border transactions by ensuring that funds are sent to the correct bank and branch.

How can I find the Swift code for a specific bank in Israel?

You can browse the full list of SWIFT codes in Israel on our website or use our free SWIFT finder tool to refine your search and find the specific bank you are looking for.

Can I perform transaction without a Swift code in Israel?

SWIFT codes are essential for international transactions. Without the correct SWIFT code, a bank in Israel may not be able to process the transfer accurately.

Are Swift code the same for all branches of a bankin Israel?

No, SWIFT codes are usually specific to individual bank branches. Each branch in Israel may have a unique SWIFT code.